Aggregate Social Media Feedback and Track NPS and Sentiment Scores

What is Social Listening?
Social listening is the process of tracking conversations and mentions related to a chosen topic on social media platforms, and then analyzing the data for insights into what actions need to be taken to improve the experience. In its simplest form, it is about understanding the online mentions of your brand, products, and services. These mentions may be directly aimed at the brand (specifically mentioning you by name or replying to a message), or they may be indirect (talking about your brand).

With advances in technology companies no longer have to regularly request feedback via surveys or other means. Now, brands can surface insights seamlessly from social media channels without having to ask, collecting rich data at scale. Your social media listening program should be “always-on” so if there is a sudden trend or sentiment shift, you step in and problem solve where needed.

Gather data from all the most popular review sites, social media platforms, messaging applications, and forums to get a full view of your customers and the networks to which they belong. Because brand relationships and awareness play key roles in social media and psychology, a social listening solution should have that understanding built into the logic of the product itself.

Never Miss An Opportunity to Elevate Your Brand

Access Customer Feedback in Real-Time

We deliver real-time intelligence about current customer satisfaction, so you can acknowledge compliments or address issues as they arise. Instant notifications allow you to be proactive. Because, when it comes to taking control of your brand, timing is everything.

Real Insight with Sentiment Analysis

Transform your brand by tracking metrics around brand awareness, including mentions, post volumes, influencers, engagement on social media sites over time. Perform sentiment analysis on your social media posts by default and access further natural language understanding enrichments like emotion analysis and effort scoring.

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