Get a Holistic View of the Employee Experience with EmployeeXP™

Pinpoint Key Drivers of Employee Engagement

Increase Employee Satisfaction

We know how to get to the heart of what drives employee satisfaction. Know what proportion of your team is engaged versus disengaged. We’ll provide the intelligence, so you can keep staff happy and on your side.

Discover Critical Onboarding Feedback

Uncover strengths and weaknesses of your onboarding process with HR surveys triggered at key points in an employee’s first 6 months.
– Improve productivity and organizational KPIs by cutting down ramp time
– Get new hires bought into your company’s vision and ethos from day one
– Prioritize improvements that have the biggest impact on key metrics like ramp time and productivity


The Employee Experience

Employee experience drives employees to join, contribute to, and ultimately become brand ambassadors for their organizations. Employee experience has evolved from just satisfaction and engagement to a more holistic view of the experiences and interactions employees have at various stages of the employee lifecycle—whether that’s manager interactions, onboarding, promotion feedback, overall engagement, or feelings about culture, diversity, and more. An effective employee experience program creates happier, more engaged, and better-developed employees while also driving business outcomes like reduced attrition, higher revenue, and increased customer satisfaction.

Studies are customized for your specific property’s culture and needs.

Feedback can be anonymous or confidential to encourage participation.

General participation is tracked in real time – overall and by department groups.

Compare results over time to know if employee satisfaction is changing.

Report filters enable you to drill down by work areas and by key demographics.

Your data is safe and secure. We’ll never share your information with anyone.

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