Transforming Guest Feedback into Actionable Insights

In today’s ever-changing business world, making customers happy is crucial for success. It’s no longer just a nice thing to do – it’s essential for staying competitive. GuestXP™ is designed to help businesses like yours listen to your guests, interpret feedback, and take data-driven actions.

Here’s How GuestXP™ Can Empower Your Business

Text Analytics

Decoding the Voice of Guests
GuestXP™ leverages the power of Qualtrics Text iQ, combining artificial intelligence and statistical techniques to automatically process large volumes of unstructured text. Whether it’s survey responses, customer comments, or online reviews, this powerful platform uncovers key insights hidden within the text to help transform unstructured data into valuable knowledge.

Through advanced sentiment analysis, GuestXP™ precisely gauges guest emotions and reactions, enabling you to understand not only what guests are saying, but also how they feel about their experiences. This in-depth understanding of guest sentiments is a real game-changer in helping you pinpoint pain points and strengths so you can make more strategic decisions moving forward.

Statistical Analysis

Unraveling Important Patterns and Trends
Built-in statistical analytics within GuestXP™ take data analysis to the next level. With this insight, you’re able to run powerful correlations, regressions, pivot tables, and cluster analyses. By combining text analytics with statistical analysis through STATS iQ™, GuestXP™ offers a holistic view of key topics and sentiments captured in open-text feedback.
By understanding the statistical patterns and trends in guest feedback, you’re empowered to identify actionable insights that might otherwise go unnoticed. With GuestXP™, you can confidently make data-backed decisions, optimize your offerings, and enhance guest experiences across all touchpoints.

Predictive Analytics

Accurately Anticipating Guest Behavior
The ability to anticipate guest behavior offers an incredible advantage. GuestXP™ incorporates predictive analytics, powered by Predict iQ™, through machine learning and statistical analysis, allowing you to identify customers who are likely to churn and gain visibility into the underlying drivers of that behavior.

Combined with Text iQ™ and Stats iQ™, predictive analytics helps you proactively create targeted programs that both attract new customers and retain existing ones. By addressing potential issues before they escalate, you can foster long-term loyalty and create a positive ripple effect on your bottom line.

Real-time Dynamic Dashboards

Instant Insights at Your Fingertips
In the fast-paced world of guest experience management, time is of the essence. GuestXP™ addresses this need with its dynamic real-time dashboards, offering instant insights that are accessible through InfoSearch’s InfoLive™ Web Portal.

The dashboard’s user-friendly interface presents data in easy-to-understand visualized formats, allowing you to monitor CX metrics, guest sentiment trends, and operational KPIs in real-time. The flexibility to view data at different levels – from property-wide to venue-specific – grants you the opportunity to take immediate action for continuous improvement.

Guest Alerts Module

Staying One Step Ahead
GuestXP™ empowers you to stay ahead of potential issues with its Enhanced Guest Alerts Module. Now you can prioritize alerts, collaborate with team members, and generate automated responses to streamline the process of addressing guest concerns promptly and efficiently.

By generating alerts from multiple sources and presenting them through robust dashboards and reports, you gain a comprehensive overview of guest feedback that allows you to address issues proactively and enhance guest experiences consistently.

GuestXP™ Methodologies

Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs
Because every business is unique, we understand that a cookie-cutter guest experience management solution simply won’t suffice. GuestXP™ Methodologies grants you the flexibility to customize your surveys, dashboards, and reports to suit your specific needs and leverage various communication channels.

Through our GuestXP™ Methodologies, you can seamlessly integrate data collection from social media platforms, websites, QR codes, kiosks, emails, SMS, and even communication tools like Salesforce and Slack. This allows you to gather feedback from multiple touchpoints and sources, enabling a comprehensive understanding of your guest experiences.

Join the CX Revolution with GuestXP™

GuestXMP™ represents a revolution in the way you approach guest experience management. Our platform empowers you with valuable and actionable insights that enable you to listen to your guests clearly, understand their needs carefully, and take action strategically to exceed all expectations.

Ready to Elevate Your Guest Experience?

Take the first step towards guest experience excellence by filling out our form today. With GuestXP™, you can unlock the power of data-driven decisions that ensure you’re able to anticipate and respond to your guests’ every need and build long-lasting loyalty.

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